Lu Jeu Sham

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Physics - Office: MH 5422 Phone: 858-534-3269 ยท

My specialty is condensed matter theory. My current interest is in optical control of electron spins in semiconductor nanostructures, for quantum information processing and spintronics. My overall interest is in many-body theory in solids, especially the density functional theory, the electron-phonon effects and the many-body contribution to optical properties in semiconductors.The current and past research topics include:

  • Optical control of electron spin and exciton in semiconductor nanodots for quantum information and computation Optical
  • Spin dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures Spintronics
  • Exciton correlation and nonlinear optical processes Exciton
  • Strongly correlated semiconductors Correlated
  • Density functional theory DFT

Acknowledgment of current funding by NSF DMR Theory and ITR Program and by ARO/NSA-LPS. The opinion expressed in this website is entirely my own and does not reflect the official positions of the funding agencies.

Selected Publications

"Optically controlled locking of the nuclear field via coherent dark-state spectroscopy", Nature 459, 1105 2009

Xiaodong Xu, Wang Yao, Bo Sun, Duncan G. Steel, Allan S. Bracker, Daniel Gammon, and L. J. Sham

"Spin Extraction Theory and Its Relevance to Spintronics", Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 046602 (2007)

H. Dery and L. J. Sham

"Restoring Coherence Lost to a Slow Interacting Mesoscopic Spin Bath", Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 077602 (2007)

Wang Yao, Ren-Bao Liu, and L. J. Sham

"Spin-based logic in semiconductors for reconfigurable large-scale circuits", Nature 447, 573 (2007).

H. Dery, P. Dalal, L. Cywinski, and L. J. Sham